Ham Radio Software : SDC — Software Defined Connectors


Current version:

SDC 17.29Win64MacOS

Test version:

SDC 17.2903
SKM Server. The «CQ» column and the «CQ only» filter have been added to the «Decoded callsigns» window.
SmartSDR-API. Fixed bugs in API-Keyer method.
SDC 17.2909
SDC Contest. Fixed the error of repeated pressing of function keys.
SDC 17.2912
SDC Contest. The SDC-Contest startup program has been improved.
SDC Contest. Added automatic control of skimmer modulation type.
SDC 17.2917
SDC Contest. Statistic window. Add new Report.

Archived versions:

SDC 15.24Linux
SDC 16.05Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.03Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.10Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.20Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.21Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.22Win64MacOS
SDC 17.23Win64MacOS
SDC 17.24Win64MacOS
SDC 17.25Win64MacOS
SDC 17.2601Win64MacOS
SDC 17.27Win64MacOS
SDC 17.28Win64MacOS