Ham Radio Software : SDC — Software Defined Connectors


SDC 15.24Linux
SDC 16.05Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.03Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.10Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.20Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.21Win64Win32MacOS
SDC 17.22Win64MacOS
SDC 17.23Win64MacOS
SDC 17.24Win64MacOS
SDC 17.25Win64MacOS
SDC 17.2601Win64MacOS
SDC 17.27Win64MacOS
SDC 17.28Win64MacOS

Test version:

SDC 17.2810
SmartSDR-API. Added a way to control the panorama. Adaptive SKM. It should solve the problem of matching the channel IQ and frequency plan of the skimmer. For SDC-Contest only.
RigSync. Increased the number of synchronization channels to 4.
SDC 17.2811
SDC-Contest. Fixed error of filters in the SpotList window.
SDC 17.2819
SDC-Contest. Transmission text for digital modes.
SDC 17.2821
SDC-Contest. Fixed a sorting error in the SpotList window.
SDC 17.2824
SDC-Contest. Hotkeys for PST-Rotator are fixed
SDC-SKM Server. Fixed a problem in the callsign table that caused delays.
SDC 17.2827
SDC-Contest. Selecting the World Map. The clock in the World map window.
SDC-SKM Server. Save geometry window «Decoded callsings».