Ham Radio Software : SDC — Software Defined Connectors


21.09.2023 Version 17.1515:

13.09.2023 Version 17.15:

  • Modifications for WAEDC-SSB operation. Example SSB macro for sending QTC.

29.08.2023 Version 17.14:

  • SDC-Contest. Audio Recorder. Set1. Set2.
  • SDC-Contest. Several features have been added.
  • Fixed bugs.

18.08.2023 Version 17.12:

  • SDC-Contest: Added history for AGC MODE
  • SDC-Contest. Added Ctrl+T hotkey — Turn On/Off Tune.
  • SDC-Contest. Added QTC

02.08.2023 Version 17.11:

01.07.2023 Version 17.10:

  • SDC-Contest. Development and improvement of SDC-Contest modules

19.05.2023 Version 17.0903 (Updated!):

  • SDC-Contest. Added new columns to the log table, new hot keys and much more …
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Update manual for SDC
  • Add CQ WPX rule

18.04.2023 Version 17.08:

07.04.2023 Version 17.0703 (Updated!):

  • SDC-Contest. New system for uploading and creating a contest file. New contests will no longer be included in program updates. You can download the SDC contest file here. DX — file link for DX stations. LOCAL — link to the .sdcc file for stations of the contest organizer.
  • Added macOS version.
  • Fixed bags.
  • Start of creating a manual for SDC-Contest

29.03.2023 Version 17.06:

  • SDC-Contest. Simplified NEW QSO settings. The modem and the macro terminal are now being created automatically.
  • SDC-Contest. Added EA-RTTY Contest.
  • SDC-SKM Server. For SmartSDR, the VFO letter display program is changed in the decoder window.

17.03.2023 Version 17.05:

  • SDC-Contest. Band Map windows are tied to the New QSO windows.
  • SDC-Contest. Added Score Reporting.
  • SDC-Contest. Added CQ WPX SSB, BARTG-RTTY contests.

10.03.2023 Version 17.04:

  • SDC-DIGI,MACRO — SmartSDR API. DAX-TX settings are transferred to the SMARTSDR-API TAB.
  • SDC-Contest. Added SSB Mode.
  • SDC-Contest. Added EA-BPSK, YB-RTTY, BARTG-RTTY contests.

23.02.2023 Version 17.03:

  • SDC-Contest. A system for displaying spots on the panorama of the SDR transceiver has been developed. Several contests have been added.
  • SDC-Contest. Added UBA-CW contest

09.02.2023 Version 17.0103:

  • SDC-Contest. SDC-Contest. A new module in the SDC has been developed. Everyone who wants to use this part of the program contact the author to receive a new registration code. Working with SmartSDR-API and TCI protocols is supported. This version supports the modulation types CW, RTTY, BPSK. Manual (video) for FLEX-6×00.

09.01.2023 Version 16.05:

  • Fixed errors, modified manual.

18.08.2022 Version 16.04:

27.06.2022 Version 16.0302:

18.06.2022 Version 16.0201:

  • SKM Server. SmartSDR API. Bugs fixed.
  • SKM DIGI. Work has begun on adapting the SDC DIGI Server and SmartSDR API. In this version only receive works.
  • SKM Server. Fixed errors in function 599

10.06.2022 Version 16.01:

  • SmartSDR API. New tab. This is a direct connection client to the SmartSDR TSPIP API server (for tranceivers Flex-6×00). On its basis, direct connection of skimmers and digital modules of the SDC will be developed.
  • SKM Server. New control type: DAX+SmartSDR API. IQ channel is transmitted via Audio DAH, skimmer control via StartSDR API.
  • SKM Server. New control type: SmartSDR API. IQ channel and skimmer control — via SmartSDR TCP API.

09.05.2022 Version 15.26:

  • SKM Server. Now the skimmer processes the normal audio stream. You can connect any source: any transceiver, WebSDR
  • A new audio driver has been applied. Wherever audio devices are used, the setup must be repeated

25.04.2022 Version 15.25:

  • SKM Server. For transceivers and receivers that transmit IQ through the audio channel accelerated the issuance of spots.